Gripping new military thriller novel. 

After shooting a notorious Islamic extremist in the Hadhramaut Mountains of Yemen, Israeli Defense Forces sniper Haddy Abrams finds herself the target of a diabolical oligarch.

When she narrowly survives a targeted suicide bombing assassination attempt in a Tel Aviv nightclub, a deeply scarred Haddy sets off to settle the score with a diabolical eastern European oligarch hell-bent on the nuclear annihilation of Jerusalem.

Across the globe, NYPD detective Wolf James is haunted by recurring visions of a mysterious, dark-eyed woman he encountered while summiting Mount Rainier in Washington state. Assigned to a covert training operation in Odessa, Ukraine, Wolf finds himself unexpectedly drawn into battle alongside a mysterious female warrior who is both compelling and familiar.

With time ticking down, will the combined forces of Haddy and Wolf be able to unravel a mystery and locate a sinister madman in time to avert Armageddon?

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Blood Sapphire's Revenge_Staff Sergeant Haddy Abrahms


Inspired by gripping, character-driven, action-packed novels like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo—this contemporary, globe-spanning military thriller pushes the gripping work of genre-defining authors like Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum in a brave new direction.


Elite Israeli Defense Force sniper Haddy Abrams struggles with despair and thoughts of suicide while confronting a traumatic past and facing down a diabolical fiend hell-bent on the nuclear annihilation of Jerusalem.


Retired army master sergeant and New York Police Detective Wolf James finds himself haunted by visions of a mysterious dark-eyed woman he saw once while summiting one of the tallest peaks in North America.


Known only as “X”, the secretive Eastern European oligarch CEO of a missile and armaments manufacturer pulls the strings on a global business empire while secretly planning an apocalyptic global massacre.