The Hero and Her Journey

The Hero and Her Journey

The story of Blood Sapphire’s Revenge is the story of our heroine, Staff Sergeant Haddy Abrams. Her journey mimics that of countless others and the reader. It involves a journey which requires a departure from home, from the familiar and known into dangerous new areas, unexplored lands and seas, and then a return to the place of our birth with an enlarged consciousness.

Thus Odysseus, the Greek hero in Homer’s Odyssey, departs his home to fight in the Trojan Wars. At the war’s end he sets out to return to home but encounters a gauntlet of trials and tribulations which test his wisdom, courage and strength. Ultimately Odysseus finds his way back to familiar shores. His final test is the overthrow of unwanted suitors of his wife’s hand and reclaim all that is his.

The journey and its three phases, departure, struggle and return are a metaphor for our lives, which is why the Odyssey will remain a classic of classics; we see ourselves in Odysseus.  If we are to live meaningful, authentic lives we must locate ourselves on our own path and lock hands with Odysseus and, I would argue, Haddy Abrams.

A more accurate telling would be that departure involves the letting go of illusions. Struggle is where we gain clarity about who and what we are, and where we are going, our destiny. Return is affected when we find our true Selves, our Soul, and discover our true identities grounded in unconditional love. We learn to accept, to live and let live.

One might also say that departure is a release from fear; struggle is an integrative act, where our disparate, fragmented parts are reunited, and return where we are made whole, transformed by the journey.


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